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Music Love

√≠му нєαят ιѕ вєαтιηg ƒσя уσυ, вυт уσυяѕ ιѕ ¢нєαтιηg, ωнσяє' ‡

♪yOuR ArE ThE LyRiC AnD I'M ThE BeAt, We mUsT Be tOgHeThEr  ٭٭٭ YuH AnD Me√♪

>>SoMe pEoPlE CaNt [WiThOuT] ♪MuSiC♪**I CaNt wItHoUt >YoU<√♪

?!>You are the reason why my heart is beating'*

●'»му нєαят ιѕ вєαтιηg, ¢αη'т уσυ нєαя ιт؟ ιƒ ι'м тнє мυѕι¢, уσυ'яє му ℓуяι¢!!«'●

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  1. respect voll schöne nicks <3

  2. mRs.pRinCeSs sagt:

    echt RespecT geiiLLoOo!!!!!!!!!

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